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No Paralympic team

How can this be all for team USA without our Paralympic team?! Shame on you.


They wanted my name, zip, birthdate and year. Then I had to use Facebook login. Too hard. Too much info. I deleted it.

Medal count

I was looking for an app that has a medal count on it that is easy to find and easy to use. This app has that, so thank you!

Where are the stats and FULL list of athletes?

This app doesn’t provide BASIC information on following specific athletes, daily competition statistics or information from past years. List of athletes is far from complete, and endlessly loops showing the same 6-8 members. With some appearing twice! We have more team members than that! What? No stats?!?! Give me a break! Who created this app? Not impressed to say the least. THE CANADIAN APP IS BETTER!

Downloaded and deleted

As far as I could tell you can only get access to the app by logging in through a a Facebook or Twitter account. I don’t want an app that works that way

Sign up with Team USA doesn't work

Really? Logons are not that hard to code.

“Try the curling challenge...” don’t

The curling challenge is difficult, which I could accept, but the game is not true to the real game. Half as many rocks are played than the real game and when the CPU scored, it forced me to go first, the opposite of how it is supposed to work. Please get someone who understands the game to program it. Even though this app was free, I am sorry I spent my time on it.

Crashes every time

This app is great if it would just not crash , can't even navigate before it freezes up then closes out.

What a waste

App font is in grey and only full page. Font is small and you can't blow it up on an iPhone in order to read the small grey text. Not for anyone over 30. Whomever developed the site is underdeveloped for the task and is linear in their thought process.

This app is so glitchy

I don't know why this app is so slow and glitchy I have iPhone 7 and I don't know why it is so slow

Not worth it

you have to get google pluse then you don't use the app!!


It's an OK app. A bit slow though

Too bad 2

It is great that they have a medal tracker. Too bad it is still not up to date. USA has 18 bronze. Guess they do not care about Women's Team Saber.

Worst app.

Will not allow pages to open and constantly crashes. It is not user-friendly. Only shows articles and the athletes page. Back to the old Olympics app. It worked great and never had an issue with it. Very disappointed!!!

You won't be in the know

It's nicely set up, my only complaint would be that you don't get the news or reports fast enough. I am not talking a few minutes here , I'm talking 30 minutes sometimes an hour I'm better off getting my news on my ESPN or other sport apps.

Nice Design, Easy to use

This app is better than most Olympic apps out there. It's good for checking out general Olympic schedules and results, and not just Team USA. My only complaint is that it's a little slow, and it would be nice to see silver and bronze results in various parts of the app.


Is there really not just a simple schedule?

Live has nothing

a live button option but nothing ever is there to choose


One continuous state of "FREEZE."

Good app

I love this app because it is easy to navigate and the content is good. The daily news is great, only wish they had a tv viewing schedule.

Empty Screens

Many of the pages won't load. I cannot check the upcoming schedule, or many other things. I think the only page that would load for me was the athlete page, but I have no use for this page because I want a schedule, not news articles about specific athletes. This app is a great idea, but it hasn't worked so well. Once it is fixed I would love to give it a second try.

Insufficient information

It doesn't even list athlete's ages. You should be able to click on a country's medal count to see what each of the medals are for, but that feature is not available. I do better just googling for info.

Nothing users actually want or need

All I want is to select unlimited favorite athletes and/or sports, in order to get event and medal notifications. This app was designed without the user in mind, and is close to worthless because of it. I don't care about all the fluff stories and other news junk...if I wanted that kind of info I would just google it! Stop making junk apps for the olympics!!


Hard to find what you want. Can't find simple medal information. Home page all videos - no articles. Terrible waste of time.


You're better off googling the Olympic results. This app crashes 90% of the time. Not Team USA worthy.

Not bad

The app it's self is not bad and if your a USA fan then this app is perfect for you it just keeps up with USA results trew out the games

Crashes immediately

Terrible app, unusable


Trying to get my Oltmpic on but this app keeps crashing. Come on people fix it. I've done the trouble shooting on my end.

Doesn't load

Current version is stuck in a square loading. Previous was pretty good though.

Why even make the app?

This may be the most worthless app ever. Not user friendly. Find something else and run from this app ASAP!

Wanted: athlete bios

Don't understand the point of this app. I would like to have team rosters that tell me their number, position, and have a nice little biography with fun information to get to know the athletes a bit. And I'd like to sort by male/female so I just have one team at a time.

Dissapointed :((:;((/:(:(/

I got this app thinking it was a small intestine for a Guinea pig and was disappointed to find out that it is some olympics thing.

No Medal Count

I know there are some medals awarded already but the screen is blank. Very sad.

Your time to shine?

Games are just beginning...and so are the crashes! Under 'Rio Results', all you get is 'No results found.' Really? They've already awarded medals! Then, whoops...another crash. Already deleted this app.

Needs work

Lots of bugs, lots of crashes. Doesn't deliver what it claims. Should be removed from the App Store.

Easier to just use Google

Most of the pages are blank, and those that aren't typically crash the app. They had four years to get this developed...

App is crap

This app crashes a lot and most of the tabs have no data in them. Forget this app. Uninstalled!


This app is clunky and dated. Worst yet, there's no metal count. That should be the center point.


Been on for less than 5 minutes and it's crashed twice

"Please check back soon"

The 2016 olympics have started and this app isn't even working. Most pages, such as event schedule and live watching, are blank and do not load anything. Not sure why such a lame app is on the featured page.

Looks can be deceiving!!

The layout, look & content are very appealing but that it all for not when the functionality fails!! The app crashes every time you try to add an event reminder to your calendar. Clicking in some of the navigation choices does nothing or crashes the app after a bit, specifically Settings. Every time you switch between apps without closing the app, it refreshes which is great completely resets the app as you just opened it which is frustrating when you left it open to "save" your place! Only 3 issues I find but they are huge in my opinion as they leave the app pretty to look at!!

Please Fix

I would love to use this app OR be able to remove it. I cannot to either. It is in constant dead state and unremovable.

Team USA app

Not able to set up an account or log in. Terrible app representing our team!

App crashes constantly

Doesn't work! Please fix it!!

I'm disappointed!!

It wouldn't let me register!! Don't put an App out that doesn't work!!

Won't load

I was hoping to get this app and follow the athletes and purchase team USA gear. But the app won't load.

App will not open

Title says it all.

A bit slow

It is a bit slow loading videos, but I like that I can catch up on all the moments I miss. I opted not to link it to any of the social media sites (the "no thanks skip" option at the very bottom), and that seemed to keep me from getting stuck on the opening loading page that so many people are having issues with.

Poorly designed, poorly implemented

Good idea, poor execution. Ineffective application.

Very Good

Keeps up to date really well especially since the Olympics are going on in Rio

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